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Who is behind the scene?

From Asturias to the wolrd since 1984


Chechu in the Diamond beach, Iceland

If you have reached this page,be aware you have just started, I assume you want to go further and learn who is behind the camera, whose photos you saw somewhere before, right? Then, let me introduce myself, tell you about my background, this website aim and, above all, the reason for spending so much time on this, so called, hobby?


Let’s begin at the beginning, my real name is Ignacio, everyone calls me Chechu, though. Born in Mieres (Asturias) but Madrid inhabitant, I came to the capital city to work, and upon my arrival I met my first mentor, Cesar Cebolla, professional press and sports photographer, who made me love this world.


In my effort to improve, I have met amazing photographers, who have become my friends in the end. Each one of them opened the door to a magical universe. So adding to these faboulous masters, my eagerness to learn different aspects of photography and my passion for travelling, what was just a curiosity, at first, has become a cornerstone in my life.


So far I have been collaborating in field work with agencies such as Alfaquí, Lagencia Press or Lagencia Grosby, getting international and national publications in different media. I am also a collaborating photographer for the European Space Agency (ESA) and Photopills. Also, I have participate as photographic product testing for different companies in the sector. And the penultimate, I am giving workshops and teaching future promises of photography. So I say penultimate because it won´t be the last thing I do, you always have to have new goals in mind.

Thus, I am showing you a glimpse of the work I have been developing over the years. Enjoy it as much as I do with crazy things such as those below;

* Video made by Mattia Bicchi, about how we made a photo of the full moon in Almonacid Castle Toledo planned by me. You can see more about Mattia's work at

Works and collaborations: If you want to buy photography material do it in FotoRuanoPro and use my Link!

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