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Here you have different links! where you will find a selection of products made with some of my photographs, such as paintings, posters, t-shirts and much more. There are products with exclusive images, which you will not find anywhere else. That's the difference!


Would you like to have a photo like this? Photo with your family, friends, pets or doing what you like! Now you can!


Would you like to have a photo like this in which you are the protagonist together with the Moon or the Sun? We make it possible. Get yours with your family, friends, partner, pet ... or doing what you like the most. !Now you can!

This type of photography is probably one of the most complicated to do and also if it is with the Moon there are very few opportunities throughout the year, so once you decide that you want it we get to work on planning and possible available dates . The place will depend on the position of the Moon or the Sun on the chosen dates.


Normally the sessions are not more than 1 hour away from Madrid.

You must notify in advance, keep in mind that if you choose to have the session with the Moon there are only 13 full Moons a year.
In case of bad weather, the appointment will have to be postponed, but taking the photo at another time is guaranteed.
The session and subsequent editing of the best photographs is included.
Only for people over 18 years of age or under with parental or maternal authorization .
Personalized budget depending on the type of photography you want to take. * From € 150 uros.
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