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* Video of the practical part in our workshops made by Kike Bustos. You can see more about the work of my workshop partner at

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*Vídeo realizado por Jouni Pihlman de una práctica que organizamos. Puedes ver más sobre su trabajo en

* Video of the practical part in our workshops made by Kike Bustos. You can see more about the work of my workshop partner at

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* Video of the practical part in our workshops made by Kike Bustos. You can see more about the work of my workshop partner at

* The theory was phenomenal. The fact of having the PDF with the theory always available is a luxury. The practices were a discovery, since it was very clear to me that very serious planning is necessary to carry them out. I recommend the workshops because they are fun, you meet people and they give you the tools to get those incredible photographs. Thank you for your effort and knowing how to share your wisdom. I'm already starting to make my own schedules and add dates to the calendar.

-Ricardo A.-

* I loved both the workshop and the outings. The plans were spot on. I have understood the philosophy of the tools and their operation, I did not know why sometimes I saw the yellow Moon, other times white. Before in a photograph of this style, I simply did not dare. Now I'm thinking of plans to dare myself. When a job is well done and explained, it shows by how happy I left the course.

-José   Maria B.-

* I expected it to be much more technical and tedious and I found the opposite. Both Kike and Chechu make it very dynamic and time passes very quickly. Before taking the course, the plans I made were approximate since I did not know all the tools that exist in the applications, with the course you can carry out the planning in more detail, which is demonstrated in the results obtained when taking the photos. I would recommend doing the course to anyone who likes to photograph elements of both the sun and the moon, since with it you can make your own plans and feel pride in taking a photo of a plan well done by yourself. In addition, both Kike and Chechu are great stars and very good people, you will not regret the good time you spend doing the course, both in theory and in practice, which is the most exciting. I would have liked them to show more plans and the comparison with the photos obtained.

-Francisco VH-

* I think it is a workshop for people who already control photography. From a planning point of view, you have opened up a totally new and immense world for me that I really want to delve into and learn more about. Regarding the course, I would give more importance and more emphasis to the apps. Before I didn't even know about the possibility of doing something like this, now I know that it can be done, but that you have to work on it.

-Jaime R.-

* My expectations were high because I already knew you from the networks and I already knew that you are very meticulous with planning. The theory seemed to me that you explained it very well and counting practical cases (Chechu's drawings on the blackboard were not wasted) that facilitated understanding. The good vibes and good humor very well brought by telling anecdotes that have happened to you taking concrete photos to lighten the load of information. But above all it seemed very well prepared: the presentation, the thematic blocks, the practices and the planning of the same. Now I feel more confident and want to practice and take more photos of this style. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn this type of photos, without hesitation, because I see it very complete: you learn a lot, you see how they are done in the practical part and good vibes as well as meeting people with tastes as strange as yours hehehe

-Kike P.-

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